AIBS Quality Management

How We Maintain Quality

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    Highly skilled linguists

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    Carefully planned process

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    Utilization of technology

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    Communication skills

Highly Skilled Linguists

The quality of a translation depends largely on the skills of the translator and proofreader.
The professional network at Ability InterBusiness Solutions consists of more than 700 translators and proofreaders. Each and every new member of our team undergoes strict evaluation to ensure that our quality criteria are met. We carefully select the most suitable translator and proofreader for each of our projects, which cover a wide range of fields, including IT, machinery, automotive industry, legal documentation, and patents.

We also constantly evaluate our translators' work. We keep a record of their evaluation results in order to make sure we always select the right people for the job at hand. In addition to monitoring the level of our experts, we also want to help them improve, which is why we provide them with feedback and organize training sessions.

Carefully Planned Work Process

Carefully Planned Work Process

We believe translation is all about team work. Every translation project we take on is carefully planned and only involves people that possess the right skills for the job. A high level of quality cannot be guaranteed if the work process is not properly thought through, no matter how skilled each individual project member is. Before a project starts, our coordinators process the text for translation, prepare glossaries and style guides, choose the right software tools, and take other steps to make sure the final product meets the client's needs.

Ability InterBusiness Solutions has obtained the ISO 17100 certification for translation services. All of our projects are managed according to the requirements of this standard to ensure consistent quality.

Utilization of Technology

Translations are not immune to human error. This is especially true for projects that require translators to process large amounts of text in a short time. We use CAT tools, calibration tools, and quality assurance software in order to eliminate careless mistakes and prevent our translators from misinterpreting the source text.

Communication Skills

The quality of a translation is directly linked to the quality of team work. We believe communication plays a crucial role in creating a good rapport between the members of a project team. The importance of solid communication skills is becoming even more obvious in the current era governed by information technology, which is why we consider those skills an indispensable part of our work process.

At our company, Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, and Slovenian native speakers work side by side, helping each other fill any gaps in communication that arise in their day-to-day duties.

Communication Skills